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From Dust We Came...

Biblical lines from the Gaines family into the Nimmos, Daughertys and Kassingers

ADAM was born about 4026 B.C. in Garden of Eden and died about 3096 B.C. in Olaha, Shinehah. First man. Lived in the Garden of Eden until expelled by God. Name Meaning: man; red skin; red earth; clay; to be red. Patronage: gardeners, tailors. He married EVE about 4022 B.C. in Garden of Eden. (Click link for more on Adam and Eve) Children are: 1. Akilia (Aklemia) *2. SHETH(SETH) 3. Cain 4. Abel 5. Luluwa

SHETH (SETH)was born 3874 B.C. in Olaha, Shinehah and died 2962 B.C. in Cainan, East of Eden. He married AKILIA about 3766 B.C. in Adam-Ondi-Ahman. His mother gave him this name, "for God," said she, "hath appointed me another seed instead of Abel, whom Cain slew." They are the parents of:

ENOS was born 3769 B.C. in Shulon, East, Eden and died 2864 B.C. in Cainan, East of Eden. He married NOAM, daughter of Seth and Aklia, who was born b: in 3874 B.C. in Olaha, Shinehah. They married before 3669 B.C. in Adam-Ondi-Ahman. They are the parents of:

CAINON was born 3679 B.C. in Shulon, East of Eden and died 2769 B.C. in Cainan, East of Eden. He married MUALELETH, daughter of Enos and Noam, who was born 3769 B.C. in Shulon, East, Eden. They are the parents of:

MAHALELEL was born 3609 B.C in Cainan, East of Eden. He married in 3540 B.C. in Adam-Ondi=Ahman to DINAH (SINA). They are the parents of:

JARED was born 3544 B.C. in Cainan, East of Eden and died 2582 B.C. in Cainan, East of Eden. He married 3378 B.C. in Cainan, East of Eden to BARAKA. They are the parents of:

ENOCH was born 3382 B.C. in Cainan, East, Eden and died 3017 B.C. He married EDNA 3313 B.C. in Zion, East of Eden. It was said of him that he walked with God-a phrase used also of Noah-and also that like Elijah he was translated to heaven. Enoch and Edna are the parents of:

METHUSELAH was born 3339 B.C. in Zion, East, Eden and died 2370 B.C. in Shulon, East, Eden. He is said to have lived 969 years and was the world's oldest living man. He was the oldest man of whom we have any record, dying at the age of nine hundred and sixty-nine years, in the year of the Flood (Gen. 5:21-27; 1 Chr. 1:3). He married in EDNA 3126 B.C. in Shulon, East of Eden. They are the parents of:

LAMECH was born 3130 B.C. in Zion, East, Eden and died 2353 B.C. in Shulon, East, Eden. He married BETENOS. They are the parents of:

NOAH was born 2948 B.C. in Shulon, East, Eden and died about 1998 B.C. in Salem, Cannan. Builder of the ark he and his family were the only people God saved from a world sunk in sin. At divine direction Noah built the ship that saved human and animal life from the Deluge, after which God established a covenant with him. According to the Bible, Noah's sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth, are eponymous ancestors of races as humankind is divided in the Bible. Noah married NAHAMAH. They are the parents of:

SHEM was born 2425 B.C. in Shulon, East, Eden and died 1842 B.C. in Jerusalem, Palestine. He is the ancestor of the Semites, particularly of the Hebrews and Arabs. He married SEDEQETELBAB 2400 B.C. in Shulon, East of Eden. Noah foretold his preeminence over Canaan (9:23-27). He died at the age of six hundred years, having been for many years contemporary with Abraham, according to the usual chronology. The Israelitish nation sprang from him (Gen. 11:10-26; 1 Chr. 1:24-27). They are the parents of:

ARPHAXED KING OF ARR was born 2342 B.C. in Jerusalem, Palestine and died 1404 B.C. in Jerusalem, Palestine. He married RASUEJA. born the year after the Deluge. He died at the age of 438 years (Gen. 11:10-13; 1 Chr. 1:17, 18; Luke 3:36). He dwelt in Mesopotamia, and became, according to the Jewish historian Josephus, the progenitor of the Chaldeans. The tendency is to recognize in the word the name of the country nearest the ancient domain of the Chaldeans. They are the parents of:

CAINAN married KESED. He was 70 years old at the birth of his eldest son Mahalaleel, after which he lived 840 years (Gen. 5:9-14), and was 910 years old when he died. He is also called Kenan (1 Chr. 1:2). They are the parents of:

SALAH KING OF BABYLON was born 2307 B.C. in Jerusalem, Palestine and died 1874 B.C. in Jerusalem, Palestine. He married MUAK 2277 B.C. in Salem, Jerusalem, Palestine. They are the parents of:

EBER ('AYBAR) IBNSHELAN KING OF BABYLON was born 2277 B.C. in Jerusalem, Palestine and died 1813 B.C. in Jerusalem, Palestine. He is regarded as the founder of the Hebrew race (10:21; Num. 24:24). In Luke 3:35 he is called Heber. He married before 2243 B.C. in Salem, Jerusalem, Palestine to UNKNOWN. They are the parents of:

PELEG/FALIKH KING OF BABYLON was born 2243 B.C. in Jerusalem, Palestine and died in 2004 B.C. in Jerusalem, Palestine. division, one of the sons of Eber; so called because "in his days was the earth divided" (Gen. 10:25). Possibly he may have lived at the time of the dispersion from Babel. But more probably the reference is to the dispersion of the two races which sprang from Eber, the one spreading towards Mesopotamia and Syria, and the other southward into Arabia. He married UNKNOWN and had the following child:

REU\RA'U KING OF LAGASH was born 2213 B.C. in Salem, Jerusalem, Palestine and died 1974 B.C. in Ur, Chaldea. He married UNKNOWN 2177 B.C. in Ur Chaldea. They are the parents of:

SERUG\SARAGH KING OF Ur AND AGADE was born 2181 B.C. in Ur, Chaldea and died 1951 B.C. in Ur, Chaldea. He married MELKA 2151 in Ur, Chaldea. They are the parents of:

NANOR\NAHUR) King of Ur And AGADE was born 2151 B.C. in Ur, Chaldea and died 2003 B.C. in Ur, Chaldea. He married UNKNOWN 2122 B.C. in Ur, Chaldea. They are the parents of:

TERAH/TERIH King of AGADE was born 2052 B.C. in Ur, Chaldea and died 2003 B.C. He married MARIA. the wanderer; loiterer, for some unknown reason emigrated with his family from his native mountains in the north to the plains of Mesopotamia. He had three sons, Haran, Nahor, and Abraham, and one daughter, Sarah. He settled in "Ur of the Chaldees," where his son Haran died, leaving behind him his son Lot. Nahor settled at Haran, a place on the way to Ur. Terah afterwards migrated with Abraham (probably his youngest son) and Lot (his grandson), together with their families, from Ur, intending to go with them to Canaan; but he tarried at Haran, where he spent the remainder of his days, and died at the age of two hundred and five years (Gen. 11:24-32; Josh. 24:2 They are the parents of:

ABRAHAM\\ABRAM was born about 2052 B.C. in Hebron, Palestine and died 1877 B.C. in Hebron, Palestine. Burial: Cave of Machpelah, Hebron, Canaan near Mamre along with his wife Sarah. Abraham married 1963 B.C. to SARAH /SERAI in Ur of the Chaldeans. She is a half sister to Abraham, both having the same father. Abraham is the father of many nations. He also received the promise of Canaan for his people. His wife Sarah was childless until, by divine favor, she gave birth to Isaac in her old age. After his birth, jealous of her handmaid Hagar, who was Abraham's concubine, she drove Hagar and her son Ishmael into the desert to die. Arabs are descended from Abraham and Hagar through their son Ishmael. (Click the link for more information on Abraham) Abraham and Sarah are the parents of:

ISAAC was born 1922 B.C. Haran, Padan-Aram \i Death:\i0 in 1742 B.C. Beersheba, Canaan, Palestine. He married REBECHAK/REBECCA 1856 B.C. in Haran, Padan-Aram, Egypt. Isaac's name means laughter. When his mother Sarah heard that she would bare a child in her old age she laughed. As a supreme act of faith his father Abraham offered him at an early age as a sacrifice to God-a deed prevented by divine intervention. The Philistine king Abimelech gave him shelter in time of famine, and he grew rich in lands and possessions. Before his death, his wife Rebecca, by ruse, caused him to bless his younger son Jacob in place of his eldest son Esau. The eldest son was the rightful one to receive the blessing. Jacob and Easu were twins. Easu was born first and the bible tells that at his birth Jacob was holding fast to his heel. Isaac and Rebechak are the parents of:

JACOB/ISREAL King of GOSHEN was born 1892 in Haran, Padan-aram and died 1745 in Rameses, Goshen, Egypt and is buried in cave of Machpelah near Marnre in the field of Ephrom. He married LEAH BINTLABAN 1798 B.C. in Harah, Padan-Aram, Egypt. In exchange for a bowl of lentil soup, Jacob obtained his twin brother Esau's birthright and, with his mother's help, received the blessing that the dying Isaac had intended for his older son. Esau became so enraged that Jacob fled to his uncle, Laban, in Paddan-aram. On his way, at Bethel, he had a vision of angels ascending and descending the ladder to heaven. After 20 years serving Laban, Jacob started back to his native land with his two wives, Leah and Rachel, and his many sons-the eponymous ancestors of the 12 tribes of Israel. On the banks of the Jabbok, Jacob wrestled with an angel, received the name of Isreal, and reconciled with Esau the next day. Later, Jacob migrated to Egypt, where he was reunited with his son Joseph. Jacob died there, but his sons buried him in the family plot at Machpelah. (For more information on Jacob click the link) Jacob and Leah are the parents of:

JUDAH BENJACOB was born 1870 B.C. Hebron, Palestine, Canaan and died after 1670 B.C. Rameses, Goshen, Egypt. He married TAMER. In the Book of Genesis, Judah emerges as a leader. With Reuben he interceded for his half-brother Joseph's life when his brothers sought to kill him after he told of a vision that he would one day be a king and his brothers would bow before him. His brothers were already jealous because Jospeh was their father's favorite and he had presented him with a beautiful coat of many colors. Judah was the spokesman for his brothers before Joseph in Egypt. In the exodus his tribe was in the lead, and it settled in the rich land of S Palestine, extending from the Dead Sea to the Mediterranean, according to scripture. Within its borders was Jerusalem. It gave its name to the Kingdom of Judah. Judah and Tamer are the parents of:

ZERAH born about 1738 B.C. in Hebron, Canaan, Palestine and died about 1638 B.C. in Rameses, Goshen, Egypt. He married ELECTRA one of the PLEIADES 1715 B.C. Rameses, Goshen, Egypt. sunrise. (1.) An "Ethiopian," probably Osorkon II., the successor of Shishak on the throne of Egypt. With an enormous army, the largest we read of in Scripture, he invaded the kingdom of Judah in the days of Asa (2 Chr. 14:9-15). He reached Zephathah, and there encountered the army of Asa. This is the only instance "in all the annals of Judah of a victorious encounter in the field with a first-class heathen power in full force." The Egyptian host was utterly routed, and the Hebrews gathered "exceeding much spoil." Three hundred years elapsed before another Egyptian army, that of Necho (B.C. 609), came up against Jerusalem. They are the parents of:

DARDA DARDANUS BENZERAH King of (Acadia) Troy Also King of DARDANIA was born about 1710 B.C. in Rameses, Goshen, Egypt and died about 1610 B.C. in Rameses, Goshen, Egypt. pearl of wisdom, one of the four who were noted for their wisdom, but whom Solomon excelled. He married BATES ASIA ILIUM Princess of Troy. They are the parents of:

ERICHTHONIUS King of (Dardania) ACADIA was born about 1286 B.C. Rameses, Goshen, Egypt and died 1368 B.C. He married ASTVOCHO/ASTYOCHE ILIUM Queen of TROY born in Arcadia. They are the parents of:

TROS King of TROY was born about 1314 B.C. and died about 1281 B.C. He married CALLIRHOE ILIUM Queen of Troy. They are the parents of:

ASSARACUS TROY , Prince of Troy married UNKNOWN. They are the parents of:

CAPYS Prince of TROY married THEMISTE Princess of Troy and had:

ANCHESES Prince of TROY married FETJUIR and had:

AENEAS King of LATIUM who died about 1175 B.C. In 1240 B.C. Troy VII destroyed by the Greeks after a long siege... Aeneas escapes from Troy, with his son Ascanius, and eventually becomes King of Italy.This After the Trojan war, Aeneas fled from the ruined city with his son Escanius and came by boat to Italy. He was honorably received by King Latinus, but Turnus, King of the Rutuli, became jealous of him and attacked him. In the battle between them Aeneas was victorious. Turnus was killed and Aeneas seized both the kingdom of Italy and the person of Lavinia, who was the daughter of Latinus. He married CREUSA of Troy and had:

IULUS ASCANIUS , King of Alba Longa who died about 1137 B.C. was the founder of Alba Longa (Latium on the western shore of Lago di Albano), the city near which Rome was founded in 753 BC. Ascanius was the progenitor of the Julian gens, to which family Caius Julius Caesar (100-44 BC) belonged. When Aeneas' last day came, Ascanius was elected King. He founded the touwn of Alba on the bank of the Tiber. He married UNKNOWN and had:

SILVIUS (Selys Hen) APIULUS Prince Alba Longa married UNKNOWN. He was involved in a secret love-affair with a certain niece of Lavinia's; he married here and made her pregnant. When this came to the knowledge of his father Ascanius, the latter ordered his soothsayers to discover the sex of the child which the girl had conceived. As soon as they had made sure of the truth of the matter, the soothsayers said that she would give birth to a boy, who would cause the death of both his father and his mother; and that after he had wandered in exile through many lands this boy would eventually rise to the highest honour. The soothsayers were not wrong in their forecast. When the day came for her to have her child, the mother bore a son and died in childbirth. The boy was handed over to the midwife and was given the name Brutus. At last, when fifteen years had passed, the young man killed his father by an unlucky shot with an arrow, when they were out hunting together. Their beaters drove some stags into their path and Brutus, who was under the impression that he was aiming his weapon at these stags, hit his own father below the breast. As the result of this death Brutus was expelled from Italy by his relations, who were angry with him for having committed such a crime. He went in exile to certain parts of Greece; and there he discovered the Descendants of Helenus, Priam's son, who were held captive in the power of Pandrasus, King of the Greeks. After the fall of Troy, Pyrrhus, the son of Achilles, had dragged this man Helenus off with him in chains, and a number of other Trojans, too. He had ordered them to be kept in slavery, so that he might take vengenance on them for the death of his father. When Brutus realized that these people were of the same race as his ancestors, he stayed some time with them. Silnius and UNKNOWN are the parents of:

BRUTUS (Brwt) APSYLVIUS , King In Britain who died about 1091 B.C. He married UNKNOWN and was the first King of Britain who ruled for 23 years. He leads his people out of Greece and settles on the island of Britain (in those days called Albion), where he becomes its first king, roughtly 1100 years before the birth of Christ. When a young man he makes a journey westwards and wandered forty-two years in Africa, and arrived, with his family, at the altars of the Philistines, by the Lake of Osiers. Then passing between Rusicada and the hilly country of Syria, they travelled by the River Malva through Mauretain as far as the Pillars of Hercules..) The exploits of Brutus continue: After many encounters and victories over the Greeks, Brutus ploughed through the waves in a crossing which lasted thirty days arriving in Africa, still not knowing in which direction they should steer their ships. Then came to the Altars of the Philistines and to the Salt-pan Lake, and from there they sailed on between Russicada and the mountains of Zarec. In this spot they suffered great danger from an attack by pirates, but they beat it off and became the richer by booty and plunder. After this they passed the River Malve and landed in Mauretania. There they were harassed by lack of food and drink; they therefore disembarked from their ships, split up into groups and ravaged the country from end to end. \line\tab Once they re-victualled they sailed for the Pillars of Hercules, and there those deep-sea monsters called the Sirens made their appearance and nearly sank their ships as they moved forward. They escaped, however, and came upon four generations born to exiles from Troy, generations which had accompanied Antenor in his flight. Their leader was called Corineus. Corineus and Brutus did battle with the Kings and Princes of Gaul. After defeating King Goffar and his Poitevins, as well as kings and princes of Gaul, Brutus was nevertheless filled with anxiety, for the number of his men became smaller every day, while that of the Gauls was constantly increasing. Brutus was in doubt as to whether he could oppose the Gauls any longer; and he finally chose to return to his ships in the full glory of his victory while the greater part of his comrades were still safe, and then to seek out the island which divine prophecy had promised would be his. \line So, with the winds behind him, he sought the promised island, and came ashore at Totnes. At the time the island of Britain was called Albion. It was uninhabited except for a few giants. Brutus called the island Britain from his own name, and his companions he called Britons. His intention was that his memory should be perpetuated by the derivation of the name. A little later the language of the people, which had up to then been known as Trojan or Crooked Greek, was called British, for the same reason. Corineus, however, following in this the example of his leader, called the region of the kingdom which had fallen to his share Cornwall, after the manner of his own name, and the people who lived there he called Cornishmen.\line\tab When Brutus had built the city along the River Thames which he called "Troia Nova", he presented it to the citizens by right of inheritance, and gave them a code of laws by which they might live peacefully together. At that time the priest Eli was ruling in Judea and the Ark of the Covenant was captured by the Philistines. The sons of Hector reigned in Troy, for the descendants of Antenor had been driven out. In Italy reigned Aenes Silvius, son of Aeneas and uncle of Brutus, the third of the Latin Kings. Brutus and Unknown are the parents of:

CAMBER (Cymryw) AP BRUTUS , King Cambria & Cornwall. After the death of his father the kingdom was divided between he and his two brothers Locrinus and Albanactus (He took the region that is now called Scotland). Camber received the region which is on the further bank of the River Severn, the part which is now known as Wales but which was for a long time after his death called Kambria from his name. As a result the people of country still call themselves Kambri today in the Welsh tongue. Camber Duke of Cambria and Cornwall, whence Cambria. Eventually, when these three had reigned in peace and harmony for a long time, Humber, the King of the Huns, landed in Albany. He met Albanactus in battle, killed him and forced the people of his country to flee to Locrinus. As soon as Locrinus heard the news, he persuaded his brother Kamber to join him in an alliance. Locrinus called up all the young men of his country and went out to meet the King of the Huns somewhere near the river which is now called the Humber. When the two forces made contact, Locrinus forced Humber to flee. Humber retreated as far as the river and was then drowned beneath its waters, giving his name to the stream. Once he had gained victory, Locrinus distributed the spoils of the enemy among his allies, keeping back nothing for himself except the gold and silver which he found on board their ships. Camber married UNKNOWN and had the following child:

GORBONIAN AP CAMBER , King of Cambria & Cornwall married UNKNOWN and had:

DYFNWAL HEN APGORBONIAN , King Cambria & Cornwall married UNKNOWN and had:

CYNGEN AP DYFNWAL , King of Cambria & Cornwall married UNKNOWN and had:

ASSER AP CYNGEN , King of Cambria & Cornwall married UNKNOWN and had:

BLEIDDUD AP ASSER , King of Cambria & Cornwall married UNKNOWN and had:

HENWYN AP BLEIDDUD , King of Cambria & Cornwall married RHAGAW (LEAR) VERCHLLYR and had:

CUNEDDA AP HENWYN , King In Britain who died about 772 B.C. married UNKNOWN and had:

RHIWALLON AP CUNEDDA King in Britian who died about 750 B.C. married UNKNOWN and had:

Gwrwst APRHIWALLON , King In Britain who died about 735 B.C. married UNKNOWN and had:

Seisyll (Serwyl) APGWAWST , King In Britain who died about 721 B.C. married UNKNOWN and had:

Antonius APSEISYLL , King of Cornwall married UNKNOWN and had:

Aedd Mawr AP ANTONIUS , King of Cornwall married UNKNOWN and had:

Prydain AP AEDD , King of Cornwall married UNKNOWN and had:

Dynarth (Cynfarch) AP PRYDAIN , Duke of Cornwall married UNKNOWN and had:

Crydon AP DYFNARTH married Unknown and had:

Cerwyd AP CRYDON married UNKNOWN and had:

Eneid (A Druid) APCERWYD , King of Britons married UNKNOWN and had:

Manogan (A Druid) APENEID , King of The Britons was born 135 B.C. and died 72 B.C. married UNKNOWN and had:

Beli Mawr "The Great" APMANOGAN King of BRITONS and a Druid was born about 99 B.C. and died about 72 B.C.the GREAT) the 64th King of Britain, born Briton abt. 110 b.c. died 62 b.c. married Don ferch Mathonwy or Don Anna the Prophetess. ( for more information click the link) Beli Mawr and Don Anna are the parents of:

Llud Llaw Eirint "Silver Haired" APBELI was born about 79 B.C. and died about 18 B.C. Legendary king of the British mentioned in Geoffrey of Monmouth's History. Lud is listed as the eldest son of Heli (or Beli), and the brother of the historically real Caswallon, which would place Lud's existence at about 60BC. Lud was that rare combination of warrior king and town planner. He rebuilt New Troy, or Trinovantum as it was then known, and renamed it KaerLud after him. This became Lud's Town or London. When he died he was buried by the city wall where Ludgate is named after him. There is a story of Lud in the Welsh tale "Lludd and Llefelys" collected in the Mabinogion, wherein Lud consults his brother Llefelys on how to combat three supernatural plagues that are smiting Britain. He succeeds in defeating the source of the plagues and rules peacefully thereafter. This tale, like that of Merlin's, to which it is closely related, may be about a real British prince who ruled later than Geoffrey's Lud, possible in the first or second centruy AD. He has become remembered in Welsh legend as the Celtic god Llud, also known as Nudd, the Celtic form of Nodens. A temple to Nodens was built at Lydney in Gloucestershire, where there are other places starting with Lyd-, and which may have some relation to a local prince who assumed the name Lud.Called Nodens by the Romans, was the Celtic god of Healing. He had a large shrine at Lydney in Gloucesterhire, where the devoted made offerings of small bronze representations of their deseased limbs. He was sometimes identified with the protective Mars or the regenerative Silvanus and his companion and symbol was the dog: a deerhound whose lick could cure the afflicted. An old story explains his connection with amputees. At one time, Lludd was the leader of the gods, but he was wounded in battle and lost his hand. Gorfannon, the divine-smith, made him a new one out of Silver, but he was still forced to abdicate in favour of his nephew, Lleu Llaw Gyffes. Later, Lludd was troubled by a constant scream that was heard the eve of every Beltane. He traveled to Gaul, where his brother Llefelys, was particularly worshipped, to ask his advice. He explained that the cry was made by two fighting dragons. Lludd managed to capture the creatures and imprisoned them deep below Dinas Emrys. Lludd may have been particularly worshipped in London, which was said to have been named after him. Lludd married UNKNOWN and had:

AFALLACH APLLUDD He was one of the Celtic gods of the Underworld. He ruled Avalon where he lived with his daughter, Modron, and her nine sisters. Avalon was like the Celtic heaven, a peaceful island far away where apples grew and after which it became named. It is, of course, best known as the place were the High-King Arthwyr was taken after he was fatally wounded at the Battle of Camlann. Afallach himself appears in Arthurian legends as King Evelake. Afallach married UNKNOWN and had:


EUDOS AP EUDDOLYN wasborn in May, married UNKNOWN and had:

EIFUDD AP EUDOS married UNKNOWN and had:



RHYDEYRN AP EUDDIGAN was born 125 and married UNKNOWN and had:

RHYFEDEL AP RYDEYRN was born 160 and married UNKNOWN and had:

GRADD AP RHYFEDEL was born 200 and married UNKNOWN and had:

UURBAN AP GRADD married UNKNOWN and had:

TEGFAN GLOFF (TEHVANT) AP URBAN was born 280. He married UNKNOWN and had the following child:

Coel Hen "Old King Cole" Duxbritannoum was born 320 and died 410. It is said that Coel wandered the unknown countryside until he eventually got caught in a bog at Coilsfield (in Tarbolton, Ayrshire) and drowned. Coel was first buried in a mound there before being removed to the church at Coylton. The year was about AD 420. After his death, Coel's Northern Kingdom was divided between two of his sons, Ceneu and Gorbanian. (Click link for more about King Cole) He married YSTRADWEL VERCHGADEON who was born 350 and had the following child:

SAINT CENEU AP COEL King of Northern Britain was born 404 and died 470. His Kingdom stretched from Coast to Coast. Ceneu appears to have been canonized because he upheld the old Christian ways while under intense pressure from invading pagans. High-King Vortigern's policy of employing Saxon mercenaries to defeat British enemies meant that, for most of his reign, Ceneu was obliged to accept the help of the Saxons, Octha and Ebissa, in pushing back invading Picts from his kingdom. Their interference was widely resented and it was not until after the Kentish rebellion that they were finally brought under control. Magnanimous in victory, Ceneu allowed the Saxons to settle in Deywr (Deira - East Yorkshire). Ceneu appears in Geoffrey of Monmouth'sHistory of the Kings of Britain as having attended the coronation of thegreat King Arthur. if so, he must have lived to an extreme old age. Upon his death, Ceneu's kingdom was divided between his two sons, Gwrast and Mor. Gwrast took the western lands stretching from the Salway to the Mersey, while Mor inherited the central kingdom around the old capital, Ebrauc (York). CENEU married UNKNOWN and had:

GWRGUST (Gwrast) LLEDLWM AP COEL King of Rheged was born about 422 and died 500. Gwrast the Ragged was ruler of a huge Kingdom that covered the whole modern North-West England. It stretched from Hadrian's Wall above Caer-Ligualid (Carlisle) all the way down to Campoduno (Leeds) in Midland Britain and Caer-Legion (Chester) in the East. He ruled in the mid 5th century, but nothing else is known of him. He married UNKNOWN and had:

MEIRCHION "THE LEAN" GUL King of Rheged was born about 438 and died 535. He presumably a very slim man, was King of aunited Rheged, though he lost Elmet to his younger brother, Mascuid. Upon Meirchion's death in about 535, the Kingdom was divided between his two sons. He married ESSYLT FERCH CULYNEDD who was born about 440 and had the following child:

ELIDIR LYNDANWYN LLER MARINI AP MERCHIUN The first King of Rheged's southern region covered modern Lancashire and Cheshire, and probably centered on Ribchester or Lancaster.Rheged-dale or modern Rochdale still retains the name of his Kingdom. Little is known about him, unlike his contemporary and namesake with whom he is often confused, the Strathclyde Prince, Elidyr Mwynfawr (theWealthy). The King of South Rheged was Stout and Handsome - an interesting combination. He married GWENNLLIAN VERCH BRYCHAN and had:



KING CAW AP CAWRDAF Birth: 680 married UNKNOWN and had:

KING GLOYW AP CAW married UNKNOWN and had:

KING HOYW AP GLOYW Birth: 740 married UNKNOWN and had:

CYNVARCH AP HOYW Birth: 770 married UNKNOWN and had:

CYNDEG AP CYNVARCH Birth: 800 married UNKNOWN and had

TEITHWALCH AP CYNDEG Birth: 830 married UNKNOWN and had:

TEGYD AP TEITHWALCH Birth: 860 married UNKNOWN and had:

ANHARAWD AP TEGYD Birth: 890 married UNKNOWN and had:

GWENDY AP ANARAWD Birth: Abt 920 married UNKNOWN and had:

GWENDY AP GWENDY Birth: Abt 950 married UNKNOWN and had:

HYDD HWGAN AP GWENGY Birth: Abt 980 married UNKNOWN and had:

DRYFFIN AP HWGAN Birth:Abt 1010 married CRUSILLA VERCH IDWAL and had:






RHYS AP HOWELL of ABERLLYFNI Birth: Wales married CATHERINE VERCH GWYR daughter of Griffith Gwyr and Rys of Aberllyfni and had:

EINON SAIS birth: in Wales Death: in Wales married JOAN DE MISCIN who was born in Wales and had:

HOWELL AP EINON SIAS GAM Birth: in Wales Death: in Wales married LETTICE GRIFFIN daughter of, Calwaladr Ap Griffith who was born in Wales and had:

HOWELL FYCHAN GAM Birth: in Wales Death: in Wales He married LLEWELYN AP HOWEL NEU and had:

LLEWELYN AP HOWELL GAM Prince of Wales Birth: in Wales Death: in Wales married MALLT (Click the link to find out how Mallt goes into Welsh Royal personalities) Llewelyn and Mallt are the parents of:

SIR DAFYYD DAVID "SQUINT EYED" GAM was born in Wales and died October 25, 1415 in France. We are from the line of David Gam who was killed at battle of Aggencourt fighting for Henry V. His units actions got him knighted although he died of his wounds. He was born approx. 1385 is from a line of Welch Royalty. David died at Battle of Agincourt, France, Oct. 25, 1415. ("GAM" is a nickname which like other Welsh nicknames, is the equivalent of a surname. 'Gam' means squinting. David is said to have married, Gwenllian, daughter of Gwilyn, son of Hywel Grach. Davids daughter, Gwladus, by her second husband, Sir William ab Thomas of Hagan, was the mother of William, the first Herbert, earl of Pembroke. Sir David and GWENLLIAN and had the following children:

MORGAN GAM was born about 1435 in Wales and married TANGLWYST and had

JEUAN or EDWARD GAM married ANN LLOYD and had:

MORGAN GAM married GWLADIS BLOET or Blewet daughter of Morgan Blewst and Unknown Brushill and had:

SIR JOHN GAM married MARGARET GWALTER daughter of Thomas Gwalter Ap Jenkin Havard and had:

EDWARD GAMES of Newton died 1564 married ELIZABETH VAUGHAN and had:

JOHN GAMES born 1559 in Newton and died 1606 in Wales. He married 1) Elinor Gwyn 2) ELIZABETH GAMES daughter of Meredith Games and Gwenllian Gwyn and they had:

EDWARD GAMES was born in Newton and married BRIDGET VAUGHN the daughter of Walter Vaughan and had the following children:

THOMAS GAMES or GAINES was born between 1585 and 1600 in Brecon, Wales and died about 1640 in Virginia. He married BLANCH KEMIS about 1620 in Virginia. Blanch is the daughter of Hary Kemis and was born about 1590 in Virginia. Thomas Gaines and Blanch Kemis had the following children:

ROBERT GAINES was born about 1622. He died before 1705 in Virginia. He married UNKNOWN and had the following children:

RICHARD GAINES was born about 1690 in Virginia and married DOROTHY and had the following child:

HEIROME "HENRY" GAINES was born about 1730 in Albemarle Co., VA and died after 1774. Henry is listed as being a foot soldier in Culpepper County Virginia the year of 1756 in the book Virginia Colonial Soldiers. He married MARGARET TALIAFERRO the daughter of Robert Taliaferro IV and Unknown. His father Robert III married Margaret Buckner. Henry Gaines and Margaret Taliaferro and had the following children:

ANN P. GAINES married about 1766 possibly in Albemarle County, Virginia to JAMES DAVID NIMMO in Virginia. James David was born between 1745 and 1750 in Warwick, Virginia and died after 1806. He is the son of John Nimmo II born 1715 in Scotland who married 1735 in Kent County, Maryland to Jane Ann Green born 1714 in Scotland. The grandson of John Nimmo born 1689 in Scotland. Ann Gaines and James David Nimmo are the parents of:

JOHN ROBERT NIMMO was born 1760 in Virginia and died in Sumner County, Tennessee. \cf0 \cf3 He married ELIZABETH JANE ORR March 19, 1781 in Amherst County, Virginia. She also died in Sumner County, Tennessee. They are the parents of:

MARY ELIZABETH NIMMO was born 1800 in Sumner County, Tennessee and died between 1870/80 in Ohio County, Kentucky. She married THOMAS CROWDER on September 18, 1816 Sumner County. He is the son of William and ELizabeth Crowder and was born 1796 in Virginia and died 1849 in Ohio County, Kentucky. Mary Elizabeth Nimmo and Thomas Crowder are the parents of:

LUCINDA CROWDER was born 1817 in Sumner County, Tennessee and died in Ohio County, Kentucky. She became the second wife of MOSES DAUGHERTY on May 3, 1838 in Ohio County, Kentucky. He was born 1800 in Warren County, Kentucky and is the son of Daniel Daugherty and Nancy Taylor. Moses died 1849 in Ohio County. Lucinda Crowder and Moses Daugherty are the parents of :

MARTHA ANN DAUGHERTY born 1842 in Ohio County, Kentucky and died in 1864 in Butler County, Kentucky. She married April 9, 1860 in Butler County VIRGIL PRESTON KESSINGERwas born in 1841 in Butler County, Kentucky and died January 7, 1919 in the same county. Virgil Kessinger and Martha Ann Daugherty are the parents of the following child:

WILLIAM NETTER KESSINGER born March 3, 1862 in Butler County, Kentucky and died December 4, 1918 in Mclean County, Kentucky, married MARTHA JANE "MATTIE" HICKS on February 7, 1887 in Webster County, Kentucky. She is the daughter of James Wesley Hicks and a Mrs. Davis. She was born in 1863 in Missiouri and died March 16, 1927 in Mclean County, Kentucky. Her parents were also born in Missiouri. Netter and Mattie are buried at Oak Hill Cemetry in Livermore which is located in Mclean County, Kentucky. They have no markers. It was Netter and Mattie's children who first began to spell our family name Kassinger. Their children are as follows:

JAMES JACKSON "JACK " KASSINGER born March 24, 1894 in Mclean County, Kentucky and died February 20, 1974 in Daviess County, Kentucky. He is the son of William Netter Kessinger and Mattie Hicks. He married MAHALA ANN "HALIE" DAUGHERTY on October 7, 1916 in Mclean County, Kentucky. She is the daughter of Alfred Judson Daugherty and Luellen Palestine Kessinger. Halie was born January 4, 1899 in Ohio County and died March 16, 1978 in Mclean County, Kentucky. Jack and his wife Halie were first cousins. His father, William Netter Kessinger, and Halie's mother, Luellen Palestine Kessinger, were brother and sister. William Netter Kesinger was the son of Virgil Kessinger and his first wife Martha Ann Daugherty and Luellen Kessinger was the daughter of Virgil Kessinger and his second wife Sarah Elizabeth Gilstrap. Jack and Halie had the following children:

DARRELL KASSINGER born November 25, 1920 in Mclean County, Kentucky. He married RHODA BETTY STONE on September 6, 1941 in Henderson County, Kentucky. Mrs Dosha Stone Barron (Betty's sister) was witness. They were married at the Missionary Baptist Church. Betty was born September 7, 1925 in Webster County, Kentucky and is the daughter of Joseph Robert Stone and Ida Bell Foster. He married Zula Thompson on September 17, 1964 in Mclean County. Betty died November 12, 1979 in Henderson County, Kentucky and is buried there at Fairmont Cemetery. Darrell and Betty are the parents of the following children:

1. Darrell Wayne Kassinger born June 15, 1942 in Henderson County, Kentucky.

*2. Roy Thomas Kassinger was born July 1, 1945 in Henderson County, Kentucky.

3. Michael Eugene Kassinger was born March 27, 1947 in Henderson County, Kentucky.

4. Jackie Joe "Jack" Kassinger was born September 18, 1948 in Henderson County, Kentucky.

5. Wenona Joyce Kassinger was born December 7, 1950 in Daviess County, Kentucky.

ROY THOMAS KASSINGER was born July 1, 1945 in Henderson County, Kentucky and married DORIS JUNE "JUDY" KASSINGER July 20, 1966 in Mclean County, Kentucky. Judy is the daughter of George Davis and Bertha Richardson and was born October 3, 1946 in Mclean County, Kentucky. (Adam and Eve are the 114th great grandparents of Roy Thomas Kassinger). Roy and Judy are the parents of the following children:

1. Holly Ann Kassinger born on April 5, 1968 in Tacoma Washington at Fort Lewis Army Base.

2. Rachael Renee Kassinger born September 28, 1981 in Livermore, which is in Mclean County, Kentucky. She was born at home and delivered by her father and her sister Holly named her. She married Joshua Emmit Waterburry on July 4, 2000 in Mclean County, Kentucky.

HOLLY ANN KASSINGER born april 5, 1968 in Tacoma, Washington at Fort Lewis Army Base. She married TRACY LEE JOHNSON born on January 15, 1965 in Mclean County, Kentucky. He is the son of Glynn Tracy Johnson and Edna Lee McClure. Tracy and Holly are the parents of the following:

JACOB AARON JOHNSON born April 7, 1992 in Daviess County, Kentucky.