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My Mom and Dad

Doris June "Judy" Davis met Roy Thomas Kassinger in a local skating rink in their home town of Livermore, Kentucky. She says that he was winking at her while she was skating. They had a brief romance and married after two weeks. A few days later Roy went to Vietnam. Judy loved to dance when she was younger and was very good at it. She and Roy still listen to the oldies today. One of judy's favorite songs is "Little Red Riding Hood". She told me that she would go to Owensboro with her cousins Kay McCoy and Becky Baldwin and several others. At the stop lights they would get out of the car and dance around it while it was red. Whoever was on the driver's side would jump in when the light turned green and that person would be the driver. As for mom I can safely say that she thought she was little red riding hood and dad was definitley the big bad wolf!

During the time after Judy and Roy met they went on many dates. While visiting us from Florida in October 2002 Kay told a story about one of their dates. My father had used his step mom's car and they all went out. Kay and Dad had promised mom that they would not drink, but they did and she was mad at them for lying. You can do anything to my mom but DON'T lie to her. She was arguing with dad about the drinking and Kay and her date, Harmon Bobo went swinging on grape vines in the woods. Dad says that later she and Harmon sat on the top of the car and dented it and he had to get up there with a plunger to get the dent out before his step mom seen it. There are probably many more crazy times I don't know about but I love to hear them talk about it.


Dad tells me he first remembers rock-n- roll when his father had a restuarant here on Main Street in Livermore where the present florist is now. His dad had a juke box there and you could play a tune for a nickle. Dad says when he was a teenager he could go to town and have fun with a quarter and have a coke, a snack, and play the pinball machine. I asked him about when he and mom were dating and the places they went when they dated. He said there weren't a lot of places you can go in two weeks in such a small town. Mom says that they spent a lot of time a the local dairy bar and that they went to a few all night movies.

Three days after mom and dad married dad went to vietnam for a year. After a year in vietnam dad came home and he and mom went to Tacoma, Washington where he was stationed at Fort Lewis. Soon after I was born. They stayed there for about two years and then mom and I returned to Livermore and lived with her parents when dad returned to vietnam. Mom was very happy to be back home with her family but she said she worried about dad and prayed every night that he would not be killed.

My grandmother, who was old school and strict with her children, would not let my mom disciplin me around her. She would say, "Oh Judy, please don't spank that sweet little thing". Of course mom would not do anything to upset her mom! Many nights mom said she and I would sleep with her mom and I would be between them in Granny's arms. Mom had a close relationship with her mom and they did many things together like quilting, cooking, canning and making cookies.

During the time mom was staying with her parents she and I, her mother, sister, and neices and nephews were in a car wreck which claimed her mother's life. When mom was in the hospital her spleen burst and she almost died. Dad came home from Vietnam and never returned. Then we moved to North Carolina when I was two years old and dad was stationed at Fort Bragg. After his service we returned to Kentucky when I was five years old to live in Livermore which is still our home today.