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Aymer Taillefer Count Of Angouleme

Isabella De Taillefer Queen of Anjouleme & Queen of England was born Augusta 26, 1186 in Anjouleme, France and died May 31, 1246 in Fontevrault Abbey, Maine Et Loire, France where she is buried. She is the daughter of Aymer Taillefer Count Of Angouleme "The Swordmaker" who was born 1160 and died 1218 He married Alix De Courtenay. Her maternal grandparents are Pierre Emperor of Constantinople (1128-1183) and Isabelle Elizabeth De Courtenay (1148-1205). Isabella was kidnapped by John I "Lackland" King of England at her scheduled wedding to Hugh De Lusignan August 24, 1200, and John I married her on that date. She later (after John's death) married Hugh De Lusignan X (Count of Angouleme and La March). John was born December 24, 1166 in Beauont Palace, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England. Isabella and John I are the parents of Henry III King of England born October 1207.