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Richard Lord of Risendale De Umfreville

Richard Lord of Risendale De Umfreville married in 1193 to Margaret Balliol who was born 1167 in Northcumberland, England. Sir Richard is the son of Sir Gilbert De Umfreville who died 1195 and Matilda Countes of Agnus (married in Torrlington County, Herts). Sir Richard succeeded Robert De Humfreville, his grandfather. He was Captain of the Castle of Acres in Palestine. At some point his lands were given to Hugh Balliol and later restored by Henry III. He was Present at the signing of the Magna Carta. From his being in the Holy Land the cross crosslets and cross florys were assumed to his arms. The cross Crosslets from the religious undertaking and the cross florys from the French extraction. In 1199 Richard persuaded King John to grant him the privilege that 'none should graze their cattle, hunt or fell wood in his forests of Redesdale and Coquetdale' on pain of mutilation or death. This was changed to imprisonmentor fines with the forest laws of the Magna Carta in 1217. In 1207 Richard claimed the wardship of Henry Bataille, a lucrative deal in those days. Richard was the Umfreville who produced (or forged) the charter which granted the Liberty of Redesdale to Robert 'with-the-beard' and based the powers he wielded in the Liberty on this document. Richard was one of the Northern lords who rebelled against John in the revolt that culminated in the signing of the Magna Carta at Runymede on June 15th 1215. Richard signs it as one of the lords in favor of the document rather than as a supporter of the King.

According to the book "Normans in Scotland" page 144: "the Liberty of Redesdale, granted by the Conqueror to Robert d'Amfreville [Umfraville], whose son, or perhaps grandson, Robert was one of David's [king of Scotland] intimates and afterwards, though still generally resident in Northumberland, received Scottish lands which passed to his descendants. [note] Robert d'Umphraville witnesses Earl David's Foundation Charter of Selkirk (c. 1120) and his Royal charters from 1128. . . . Robert's two sons, Odinel and Gilbert, also witness charters, chiefly those given by David's son Henry as Earl of Northumberland. Odinel witnesses the Annandale Forest charter, 1147 x 1153. The family properties in Scotland in King David's time are not precisely known, but Gilbert gave to the Abbey of Holyrood a ploughgate of land in Kinard.