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Section Thirteen

King Darius I "The Great" of Persi (Now Iran) was born 358 BC and died 486 BC. He married Atossa of Persia and had:

King Xerxes I The Great of Persia born 419 and died 465 BC. He ascended the throne upon the death of his father, he subdued a rebellion in Egypt, and then spent 3 years preparing a great fleet and army to punish the Greeks for aiding the Ionian citiesin 498 BC and for their victory over Persians at marathon in 490BC. It is said his land and naval forces totaled 2,641,610 warriors. He is said to crossed the Hellespont by a bridge of boats more than a kilometer in length and to have cut the canal through the Isthmus of Mount Athos He then advanced into Attica and burned Athens, which had been abandoned by the Greeks. Then went to Asia minor and was murdered by a captain of the palace guard. Xerxes is generally identified as Ahasuerus of the Book of Esther. King Xerxes married Esther the daughter of Abihail. (For more about Esther Click the Link) King Xerxes and Queen Esther had the following child:

King Artaxerxes I of Persia who died 425 BC married Andia and had:

King Darius II of Persia who died 0404 BC (His original name was Ochus.) He was the illegitimate son hence his Greek name, Nothos, meaning "Bastard". As Ochus, he was asatrap of the province of Hycania when his father died. Ochus' half-brother, Xerxes II, was King for a few weeks, another half-brother, Sogdianus, murdered Xerxes II and was king for a few months, then Ochus murdered Sogdianus and ascended the throne,assuming his new name Darius. The 20 years of his reign were notable primarily for ruthless suppression of a series of revolts within his empire. He married Parysatis of Persia and had:

King Artaxerxes II of Persia who died 0358 BC married Unknown and had:

Princess Apame of Persia married Pharnabaszus of Daskyleion and had:

Artabazus II of Bithnyia married Unknown and had:

Spitamama of Baktria Married Unknown and had:

Apama married King Seleucus I "Nictator" of Syria and had:

King Antiochus I "Soter" of Syria married Stratonice and had:

King Antiochus II of Syria married Unknown and had:

King Seleucus II "Kallinikos" of Syria married Unknown and had:

King Antiochus III "Megas" of Syria married Laodike and had:

King Seleucus IV "Philopater" of Syria married Unknown had:

King Demetrius I Sorter of Syria married Unknown had:

King Demetrius II Nicator of Syria married Cleopatra Thea Euergetes and had:

King Antiochus VIII Philmeter Grypos of Syria married Cleopatra Tryphaena and had:

King Mithridates I Kallinikos of Commangene married Iaodike Thea Philadelphos and had:

King Antiochus I of Commangene married Isias Philostrogos and had:

Princess Antiochus of Commangene married Artavasdes of Atropatene and had:

Prince Darius of Atropatene married Unknown and had:

King Vonones I of Parthia married Unknown had:

King Vologueses II of Parthia born 25 AD married Unknown had:

King Vologueses III of Parthia married Unknown had:

King Vologaeses IV of Parthia born 115 and died 192 married Unknown had:

King Vologaeses V "The Great" of Parthia married Princess of Iberia the daughter of Pharasmenes II of Iberia and had:

Princess Ziyanak who married King Ardashir I of Persia and had:

King Shapur I of Persia born 215 and died 272 married Gurdzad and had:

King Nerseh Of Armenia married Unknown had:

King Hormizd or Armenia married Unknown had:

King Shapur I of Armenia married Unknown had:

King Shapur II of Armenia married Unknown had:

King Yazdagird married Unknown had:

King Varahan of Kings "The Wild Ass King" married Unknown and had:

King Yazdagird of Kings married Dinak and had:

King Poroz married Unknown and had:

King Kavadh married Unknown and had:

King Khrusraw Of Kings "The Just King" married Unknown and had:

King Hormizd married Unknown and had:

King Khusraw married Sirin and had:

King Shahrihar married Unknown and had:

King Yazdagird II OF PERSUA "King of Kings" was born about 600 in Parsua married Unknown and had:

Princess Izdundad Sasanid of Persua was born 610 in Persia and married Bustanai Ben Hanini David born 610 in Babylon and had:

Hanini Bar Adoi David was born 629 in Babylon and married Unknown and had:

Natronai Ben Nehemiah of Persua born 647 in Pembeditha, Babylon married Rolande De Laon who was born 690 and had:

Gilbert De Perrecey born 725 and married Unknown and had:

Fulguald De Rodez of Rouergue born 800 in France (See Section Twelve above for History)

Section Fourteen

Count Of ANJOU TERTULLE was born 820, the son of Torquat De Rennes born 800, married Petronilla De France who was born 825 and had:

Ingelger I, Count of Anjou and Orlean born 845 married Aelinde who was born 844 and had:

Foulques I Anjou born 870 and died 938. He married Roscille De Loches who was born 874 and had:

Foulques II "The Good" Count of Anjou born 909 and died 958. He married Gerberge Du Maine who was born 913 and died 952 and had:

Geoffroy I "Grisegonnelle" Count of Anjou born 938 and died 987. He married Adelaide De Vermandois (934-975) the daughter of Robert Vermandois Count of Troyes who died 967 and of Adelaide "Were" Countess of Burgundy (914-967). Geoffroy and Adelaide are the parents of:

Gerberga D'Anjou born 962 married William II Taillefer who was born 978 and died 1028 the son of Arnold Angoulesme and Hildegarde. Gerberga and William had:

Geoffrey Taillefer born 1014 and died 1048. He married Petronille D'Archaic who was born 1036, the daughter of Mainard Archaic and Hildegarde. Their child is:

Foulques (Fulk) Taillefer born 1048 and died 1089. He married Cundo Vagena the daughter of Qunormau Vagena and had:

William III Taillefer born 1084 and died 1118. He married Vitapoy De Benauges who was born 1086 the daughter of Amanjeu De Benauges and had:

Wulgrin II Taillefer born 1108 and died 1140. He married Ponce Sire who was born 1091 the Daughter of Hugh VII Sire and Sarazine and had:

Guillaume (William) IV Taillefer born 1134 and died 1187 married Margaret Turrenne who was born 1117 and had:

Aymer Taillefer Count Of Angouleme "The Swordmaker" was born 1160 and died 1218 married Alix De Courtenay who was born 1160 and died 1218. She is the daughter of Pierre Emperor of Constantinople (1128-1183) and Isabelle Elizabeth De Courtenay (1148-1205). Aymer and Alix had the following child:

Isabella De Taillefer Queen of Angouleme was born August 26, 1186 in Anjouleme, France and died May 31, 1246 in Fontevrault Abbey, Maine Et Loire, France where she is buried. She was kidnapped by John I "Lackland" King of England at her scheduled wedding to Hugh De Lusignan X 24 August 1200, and John I married her. She later (after John's death) married Hugh De Lusignan X (Count of Angouleme and La March). She married John King of England August 24, 1200 in . John was born December 24, 1166 in Beauont Palace, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England. Isabella and John I are the parents of:

Henry III King of England born October 1207, a Plantagenet King; House of Anjou, was born October 3, 1207 In Winchester, Castle and died November 16, 1272. He is Buried Westminster, Abbey, London, England. He married January 14, 1236/37 in Canterbury, Cathedral to Countess Queen Eleanor of Provence who was born 1217 in Aix-en-Provence and died January 24, 1290/91 in Amesbury, Wiltshire, England and is buried at Convent Church, Amesbury. She is the daughter of Raymond Berengar IV Count of Provence and Beatrice of Savoy.

Edward I Longshanks King of England born June 17, 1239 in Westminster, Palace, London, England. See Section One for History.

Section Fifteen

Saire DE QUINCY was born 1154 in Winchester, Hampshire, England and died November 3, 1219 in On Way Holy Land and is buried in Acre, Palestine. He is the son of Sir Robert De Quincy (died 1257) and of Orabella. He married Margaret De Beaumont who was born about 1154 in Leicester, Leicestershire, England and died 1234. She is the daughter of Robert De Beaumont who was born 1135 in Leicester and died 1190 in Durazzo, Greece (son of Robert I De Beaumont and Amice De Montfort). Saire and Margaret are the parents of:

Roger De Quincy Earl of Winchester was born 1174 in Winchester, Hampshire, England and died April 25, 1264 in England and is buried at Brackley, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. He married in 1220 to 3rd wife Helen McDougal in Brackley, Aberdeenshire, Scotland who was born 1208 in Carrick, Scotland and died after November 21, 1245 in England. They are the parents of:

Elizabeth Quincy born about 1225 in Winchester, Hampshire, England and married Alexander Comyn Earl of Buchan who was born about 1217 in Buchan, Aberdeenshire, Scotland and had the following child:

Elizabeth (Agnes) Comyn Heiress of Angus was born 1248 in Buchan, Aberdeenshire, Scotland and died February 1327/28 in Of Castle, Prudhoe, Northumberland, England. She married Sir Gilbert De Umfreville in Castle, Prudhoe, Northcumberland, England. Sir Gilbert was born 1244 in Castle, Prudhoe. (See Section Two for History)

Section Sixteen

Robert I Count of Paris died 866 in Brissarthe, France. He is the younger son of Robert the Strong of Neustria, and briefly king of France (922-923), or West Francia. His decisive victory over the Northmen at Chartres (911) led to a treaty settling one group of these fierce warriors in Normandy. He married Adelaide. Robert faithfully served his older brother, King Eudes, during Eudes's reign (888-898). Though on Eudes's death he became one of the most powerful Frankish lords, inheriting all the family lands between the Seine and the Loire rivers, he swore fealty with other magnates to the new king, the Carolingian Charles III the Simple. Nevertheless, he was already served in his domains by viscounts, officials usually regarded as instruments of regal power. From 911 onward, his role became more decisive: his defeat of the Northmen at Chartres paved the way for the Treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte, by which Charles assigned them territory in Normandy. Robert's military success greatly enhanced his prestige, and dissension between him and the King became undisguised. When Charles III imprudently offered preferment exclusively to lords from Lorraine, the Neustrian lords, led by Robert, broke into open revolt. They elected Robert king at Reims in June 922. In a battle near Soissons a year later, Charles's army was routed, but Robert was killed. His grandson was Hugh Capet, founder of the Capetian dynasty. Robert and Adelaide are the parents of:

Robert I King of France born 866 and died June 15, 923 in Soissons, France. He married Beatrix and had:

Hugh "The White" Duke of France was born about 895 and died June 956 in Dourdan, France. Also called HUGUES LE GRAND, OR HUGUES LE BLANC, duke of the Franks, count of Paris, and progenitor of the Capetian kings of France. He was the most powerful man in the kingdom of France (West Francia) during the reign of Louis IV d'Outremer and the early years of King Lothair. He married Hedwig Avoie daughter of Henry I King of the Romans and Matilda of Ringelheim. Son of a king (Robert I), father of another (Hugh Capet), and brother-in-law of three more (Rudolf of France, Athelstan of England, and Otto of Germany), Hugh possessed such vast territories that he could easily have assumed the crown on the death of Rudolf in 936. Preferring to work from behind the throne, he instead suggested the accession of Louis IV, son of the deposed Charles III the Simple. Louis proved no puppet, however, and his reign saw an almost constant struggle between King and Duke in which all the great magnates of France, Otto I of Germany, and the dukes of Lorraine were at one time or another involved. In 945 Louis fell into Hugh's hands and was incarcerated for a year before pressure from abroad and public opinion at home brought his release. Excommunicated by French and German councils and by the Pope, Hugh finally submitted to Louis in 951. On the death of the King three years later, Hugh again turned down the opportunity to become king, plumping instead for Louis's young son, Lothair; but for his last two years Hugh was effectively the ruler of France. Hugh and Hedwig are the parents of:

Hugh Capet King of France born 938 and died August 996 in Les Juifs, Chartres, France. He is Buried at: Basilica of St. Denis, France. He married Adelaide De Poitou born in 950 and had:

Robert II Capet King of France was born March 17, 972 in France and died 1031. He married Constance Arles of Provence who was born 986 and is the daughter of William II of Provence King of France. They are the parents of:

Robert Capet Duke of Burgundy was born 1011. He married Helia De Semur in 1033 and had:

Henry Capet Duke of Burgundy born 1035 and died 1066. He married Sybilla of Franche-Compte and had:

Henry Capet 1st Duke of Portugal was born 1058 and died 1112. He married Theresa Jimeno who was born about 1070 and is the daughter of Alphonso Jimeno VI King of Castile and Leon and of Constance Capet. They are the parents of:

Alphonso Henriques I King of Portugal born July 25, 1110 and died December 6, 1185 in Coimbra, Portugal. He married Mafalda of Savoy who was born abouat 1125 and had:

Urraca Henriques who died after 1175 married Ferdinand II King of Leon who was born 1137 and died 1188. They are the parents of:

Alphonso IX King of Leon born August 15, 1171 in Zamora, Leon Spain and died September 23, 1230 in Villanueva de Sarria, Galacia, Spain. He married Berengaria Jimeno Queen of Castile who was born about 1181 in Segovia, Castile, Spain and is the daughter of Alphonso Jimeno VIII King of Castile and Eleanor Plantagenet. They are the parents of:

Ferdinand III King of Casatile and Leon born August 5, 1201 in Leon, Spain and died May 30, 1252 in Sevilla, Spain. He married Jeanne Dammartin Countess of Ponthieu who was born 1216 in Dammartin, France and is the daughter of Simon De Dammartin and Marie J Ponthieu. They are the parents of:

Eleanor Castile Queen of England born 1244 in Burgos, Castile, Spain and died November 28, 1290 in Herdeby, Lincolnshire, England . Burial: 16 Dec 1290 Westminster Abbe, London, England. She married Edward Plantagenet I King of England who was born June 17, 1239 in Westminster, London, England and had:

Joan Of Acre Plantagenent born 1270 in Acre, Gallilee, Palestine, Isreal (See Section One for History)

Section Seventeen

Bruno Count in Saxon-Engen who died about 813 married Hasalda the daughter of Wittikind Duke of Westphalian Saxons born 759 in Ancient Saxony, Germany and of Geva born 799 in Jutland, Denmark. Hasalda's maternal grandparents are Eystein "The Fart" of Westfold and Hild Ericsdottir). Bruno and Hasalda are the parents of:

Bruno Count of Saxony born 786 and died before 844. He married Oda who was born about 786 and had:

Ludolph Duke of Saxony Count in East Saxony born 816 and died 866. He is buried at Brunohausem. He married Oda Billung who was born 806 and had:

Otto "The Illustrious" The Grand Duke born about 836 and died November 30, 912. He married \b Hedwige Princess of Bavaria \b0 born about 850/855 and had:

Henry I "The Fowler" Emperor of Germany born 876 in Germany and died July 2, 936 in Memleben, Saxony, Germany. He is buried at Dom zu Quedlinburg. He married Mathilda Von Ringleheim born about 890 in Memleben, Saxony, Germany and had:

Hedwig of Saxony was born about 921 and died May 10, 965. She married Hugh "The Great" of Paris Orlean Magnus who was born about 895 and had:

Hugh King of France, Count of Paris, Po Capet born 941 ( See Section Seventeen above For History)

Section Eighteen

Charlemagne King of France, Holy Roman Empire was born April 2, 747 in Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia and died January 28, 814 in Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia. He is buried at Dom zu Aachen. He is the son of Pippin III "The Short" Mayor of the Pal who was born 715 in Austrasia, France and of Bertha Broadfoot. (Click the link for more on Charlemagne) His second marriage was to Hildegarde Countess of Linzgau who was born 758 in Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia and their child is:

Pippin King of Italy born April 773 in Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia and died July 8, 810 in Milan, Italy. He married Chrothais and had:

Bernard King of Italy born about 797 and died April 17, 818 in Milan. Italy. He married Cunigunde and had:

Pippin Count of Senlis, St. Peronne born about 817 and died after 840. He married Unknown and had:

Herbert I Count of Vermandois and Soiss born about 840 and died about 900. He married Beatrice Countess of Vermandois who was born 862 and had:

Beatrix De Vermandois born 880 in Vermandois, Normandy, France and died after March 931 . She married Robert I Count of Paris, Duke of Potiers who was aborn 866 in France and had:

Hugh "The Great" Count of Paris, Orlean Magnus who was born about 895 (See Section Seventeen above for History)

Section Nineteen

John (the Marshall) FitzGilbert was born 1105 in Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales. He married Sabilla De Salisbury who was born about 1126 in Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales. Rose to power when Matilda invaded England to depose King Stephen. Switched sides from Stephen to Matilda. His father was made the Marshal of King Henry Ist's horses. Initially "marshal" was a title. The family subsequently took it as a surname. His son William was about 6 or 8 years old when the following story began to unfold. When Stephen found out that John switched allegiance to Matilda, he sought him out at Newbury Castle in 1152. Stephen granted a truce to John while he confered with Matilda. As security, Stephen requested one of John's sons. John surrendered his youngest son William. When John used the respite to provision and garrison the castle, Stephen threatened to hang little William unless John surrendered. John defied him sending word that he, "had the anvils and hammers with which to forge still finer sons." The boy was led out to be hanged, but his innocent confidence so touched the king's heart that he picked him up and carried him back to camp. Later someone suggested that they catapult William over the castle wall, but Stephen forbade it saying, "Little William will never be harmed by me." The civil war ended in 1153 and after spending two months as prisoner, was returned to his parents. Stephen made a treaty with Matilda that ensured his reign as ruler for the rest of his life. Stephen died the following year and was succeeded by Henry II, son of Matilda. John Marshal and Sabilla had the following child:

Sir William Marshall 3rd Earl of Pembroke born about 1146 in Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales and died May 14, 1219 in Caversham Manor, England. He was buried in May 1219 in Round Chapel Of Knight's Temple, London, Middlesex, England. He married Isabel De Clare who was born 1172 in Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales. He was Grand Marshal under King John I. His counsellor at the Magna Carta Signing in 1215. Chief negotiator for King John at Runnymede. The Regent for King Henry III until his death in 1219. He was Instrumental in having John crowned King (although he despised him). Knighted 1164. After King John died, he was Regent for King Henry III. Defeated Prince Louis of France Army. Negotiated a peace treaty and remained the Regent until his death. Shortly before he died he joined the Knights Templar. (Click the link for more about William) William and Isabel are the parents of:

Maud Marshall born about 1195 and died March 27, 1248. Her second marriage was to William De Warrene Earl of Warrene & Surrey who was born 1202 and died may 27, 1240 in London, England and is the son of Hamelin De Warren Plantagenet and Isabel De Earrene. Their child is:

John De Warrene Earl of Surrey born 1231 and died 1305 married Alice De Lusignan and had:

Sir William De Warrene born 1256 Sir William De Warenne born about 1256 married Alice Le Brun and had:

Isabel De Warren married John King of Scotland. (See Section One for History)