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George Albert Richardson and Annie B. Parker Family

Davis 350

Albert Griffith Richardson

Davis 351

Griff Richardson

Davis 352

Griff Richardson

Davis 355

Moorman Richardson

Davis 356

Mooman Richardson bottom left.

Davis 30

George Davis and Bertha Richardson

Davis 9

Bertha Richardson

Davis 92

Bertha Richardson

Davis 361

Pearl Richardson Baughn

Davis 369

Willie Mae Richardson

Davis 368

Willie Mae Richardson and Big Boy Cook

Davis 365

Willie Mae Richardson

Davis 366

Willie Mae Richardson

Davis 367

Willie Mae Richardson

Davis 346

Francis Richardson Sutherland

Davis 347

Francis Richardson Sutherland

Davis 342

Ethel Richardson Gonterman

Davis 341

Ethel Gonterman and Family

Davis 343

Ethel Gonterman

Davis 328

Willie Mae Richardson and Bertha Richardson Davis

Davis 357

Nannie B. Richardson

Davis 358

Nannie B. Richardson and the Roberts Family she was adopted by.

Davis 359

Paula and Greta Gonterman

Davis 360

Paula Gonterman daughter of Ethel Richardson and Marvin Gonterman

Davis 349

Greta Gonterman Daughter of Ethel Richardson and Marvin Gonterman

Davis 348

Georgia Carroll Baughn Daughter of Pearl and Tom Baughn

Davis 353

Harold Gene Whitaker son of Willie Mae Richardson

Davis 344

Eugene Davis, Author Lee Richardson, and James Case.

Davis 345

Eugene Davis, Ronnie Caudle, Author Lee Richardson, Anna Faye Richardson.

Davis 327

Anna Faye Richardson daughter of Willie Mae.

Davis 326

Anna Faye and Donnie Ray Richardson, children of Willie Mae.

Davis 340

Donnie Ray Richardson son of Willie Mae.

Davis 362

Surilda Richardson and Daniel Colbert. Surilda is an aunt of George Richardson.