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Military Service

The following family members did not serve in any wars. Check out the veterans of war page for information on family who had service during various wars.

Ricky Lane Kassinger-US Navy

Ricky is the son of Quay Kassinger and Juanita Davis.

David Cornett Dickerson USMC

David Dikerson is the son of David Elige "Popeye" Dickerson and Bertha MayDavis

Timothy "Tim" Davis-USMC

Tim Davis is the son of John Davis and Maxine Hudson

Michael Eugene Kassinger- US Army

Mike is the son of Darell Kassinger and Rhoda Betty Stone

Mike began active duty in the Livermore National Guards in Company A 2nd Med. Tank Battalion, 123rd Armor Division. All of his time in service was about Tanks and he had a lot of training on them. After swearing in he received orders to go to Fort Knox, Kentucky for basic training on the Tanks. At the time he was with the Livermore National Guards at the M60A1 Main Gun Battle Tank so that is what he trained on. His Primary Specialty was Gunner/Loader Combat Crewman. After training on mini-turret tanks he qualified on the Tank Range with live ammo and then returned to his unit to make a few drill meetings. At the time his Dad was still a cook and he tried to get Mike in with the cooks but couldn't. He made up his mind up to go Active Duty into the Regular Army. The Captain didn't want him to go into active duty but didn't have a choice so he discharged Mike from the National Guard September 4, 1979. On September 5, 1979 Mike was sworn into the United States Army at Louisville, Ky. He received new orders for next active duty station at Ft. Stewart, Georgia. Mike's father had been sent tp Fort Stewart in the 1960's with the National Guards during the Cuban Missile Crisis and their family lived there for about a year where he attended Bradwell High School in Hinesville. His father would take him to the Mess Hall at night while he prepared food for the soldiers the next day. Mike says that his father was a very good cook and sure could make some brownies that would melt in your mouth. At the time Fort Stewart was the Rapid Deployment Force for the Middle East. Mike was assigned to 3rd Platoon, 1st. Brigade, Company A ,2nd Battalion, 70th Armor Division. At first they were "First To Fight" and then "Strike Swiftly". His training consisted of Tank Gunnery, Alerts-always updating on shot records, Maintenance on Tanks and Weapons. Served about three years at Ft. Stewart and while there did cold weather training at Ft. Drum, New York. Served at Ft. Erwin, California in the Mojave Dessert on the M60A3 Tank. This training was for the Middle East. He went to Ft. McCleland, Alabama where they make Army Tanks and have also to Kissi, Florida on a big Sinook helicopter to influence the ROTC to join the Army. The rest of Mike's time in service was in Germany. He went to Charleston, North Carolina and took a plane to Frankfort, Germany which took about 9 hours and then took another bus to Bamberg, Germany. He was then was assigned Co. A, 2nd. Bn. 35th. Armor at Warner Barracks. He spent just a little over one year there. In August 1983 he came back to the States to Fort Dix, New Jersey where he out processed, received his discharge and then flew to Georgia to make his home. Tanks Trained On, Decorations, Medals, Citations: 1) M48 - MARKSMAN .45 CALIBER PISTOL 2)M60A1 - NCO PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT 3) M60A1 RISE - RIBBON W/NUMERAL 4) M60A3 - ARMY SERVICE RIBBON.

Wenona Joyce Kasinger Garvey-

Joyce is the daughter of Darrell Kassinger and Rhoda Betty Stone

Theodore Roosevelt"Buddy" Davis- CCC

Buddy is the son of George Robert Davis and Bertha Ann Richardson

Buddy spent 9 months in the State of Idaho serving in the Civilian Conservation Corps. He helped in building the Saint George Hotel at a famous ski resort there. This program was designed by president Roosevelt to help families during the depression. The boys were given $30.00 a month and were allowed to keep $5.00 a month for personal needs and the rest of the money they earned was sent home to help support their families.


Linda Redfern-US Army

Linda is the daughter of Keith Redfern and Diane McCoy