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World War Two



Darrell Kassinger, United States Army

Darrell Kassinger is the son of James Jackson Kassinger and Halie Ann Daugherty and was born November 25, 1920 in Mclean County, Kentucky. He married Rhoda Betty Stone on September 6, 1941 in Henderson County, Kentucky. Betty was born September 7, 1925 in Webster County, Kentucky and is the daughter of Joseph Robert Stone and Ida Bell Foster. He married Zula Thompson on September 17, 1964 in Mclean County. Darrell mustered into the army on December 12, 1942 and served during World War II. He completed basic training in Miami Beach, Florida and then moved to Meridian, Mississippi on to Tampa, Florida, then to Seattle, Washington. After this time he took a ship called the Blue Pontane to Iwo Jima on a voyage that lasted about 23 days. He was a Mess Sergeant on the ship and many of the soldiers were so sea-sick that he had all of the cooking to himself. There were over 4 thousand men on the ship. He served on the Island for about one year where he was also a cook. The first sight he remembers after arriving on the island was Quinten Lee Gillette, another Mclean County boy, running a bulldozer and making runways for airplanes to land. Darrell was in the 462nd Fighter Squadron. He was in the 506 Fighter Group in the B51 Mustang Outfit and left the Island in B29. His group was the one who flew the first atomic bomb from Iwo Jima and they were able to see it on screen about six hours after it had happened. He said that it was an awesome sight. He said that on his trip home there was a terrible storm and they had a ship wreck and had to stay three days in Honolulu, Hawaii while it was being repaired. After this he went to San Pedro, California and then on to Fort Knox, Kentucky where he mustered out on December 10, 1945. About a month after leaving the service he joined the National Guards a second time in 1945 during which time he had to go to Georgia on alert during the Cuban Missile Crisis. He served over 25 years in the National Guard. His decorations and citations include the American Theater Ribbon, the Asiatic-Pacific Theater Ribbon with two Bronze Service Stars, The Good Conduct Medal, and The World War II Victory Medal. Darrell Kassinger and Betty Stone are the parents of Darrell Wayne, Roy Thomas, Jackie Joe "Jack", Michael Eugene, and Wenona Joyce Kassinger.


Quay Kassinger, United States Army

Quay Kassinger is the son of James Jackson Kassinger and Halie Ann Daugherty and was born August 27, 1923 in Mclean County, Kentucky. He married Juanita Davis on January 11, 1947 in Mclean County. Juanita is the daughter of George Robert Davis and Bertha Ann Richardson and was born April 9, 1930 in Mclean County. Quay served during World War II as a Corporal in Company C 652nd Tank Destroyer Battalion from which he was discharged April, 4, 1946 at Camp Atterbury, Indiana. He enlisted in the service on March 6, 1943 at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana. His military specialty was Gunner 610 and he was qualified Carbine SS. His decorations include American Theater Ribbon, The Good Conduct Medal, The Meritoris Unit Award, and the World War Two Victory Medal. Quay Kassinger and Juanita Davis are the parents of Larry Nobel, Debby Ann, Ricky Lane, and Kelvin Quay Kassinger.


David Elige "Popeye" Dickerson, USMC

Popeye Dickerson is the son of David Elige Dickerson and Hazel Garst and was born January 3, 1923 in Mclean County, Kentucky. He married Bertha May "Sis" Davis on May 28, 1949 in Daviess County, Kentucky. Sis is the daughter of George Robert Davis and Bertha Ann Richardson and was born October 22, 1926 in Mclean County, Kentucky and died November 1, 2000 in Daviess County, Kentucky. She is buried at Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Livermore. Popeye served during World War II as a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. He was honorably discharged from Redistribution Battalion at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina on November 29, 1945. He enlisted November 13, 1942 to serve during National Emergency. He became a qualified Rifle Marksman on December 12, 1942 and trained as a Field Telephone Man. His service in the Pacific was from September 15, 1943 through February 9, 1945. Among his decorations are The Honorable Service Lapel Button and The World War Two Victory Medal. Popeye Dickerson and Sis Davis are the parents of David Cornett and Dale Ray Dickerson.


Clem Junior Osborne, United States Army

Clem Osborne was born in Vanderburgh County, Indiana on October 13, 1922 and is the son of Clem J. Osborne and Minnie Sallee. Clem married Geraldine Mariea Magnus on December 19, 1942 in Vanderburgh County. She was born November 15, 1924 in Princeton, Illinois and is the daughter of Adolph Carl Magnus and Grace Mildred Schuyler. Clem died April 19, 2001 in Vanderberg County and is buried there at Park Lawn Cemetery. Clem served during World War II with the 749th Tank Battalion from January 1943 to December 1944. He was in Company B and went into Normandy with the 7th Army. He also served in the 3rd Army under General Patton and was wounded in France at which time he received the Purple Heart and Bronze Star. After this time he went to England and joined the 8th Air Force 460th Troop Carrier Command for one year. Clem was a life-time member of VFW Post 1114, The largest post in the United States, located in Evansville, Indiana. Clem Osborne and Geraldine Magnus are the parents of 1) Daniel Aaron Osborne (3-30-1944. 2) Michael Keith Osborne (10-4-1946). 3) Philip Jerome Osborne (11-19-1948). 4)Deborah Gail "Debby" Osborne (2-1-1951). 5) Rebecca Lynn Osborne (1-9-1952). Debby married Glynn Johnson and is his second wife. Glynn Johnson and his first wife Edna McClure are the parents of Tracy Johnson who married Holly Kassinger.